How to Start a Twitch Channel in 6 Minutes! Do it!

This is a continuation of my earlier blog post about live streaming, if you haven’t read that yet, please read it first. Here are 5 more tips for starting a twitch channel!

As we are searching through streamers with low view count I happened to notice a few mistakes that they were making. These mistakes were probably the main reason they didn’t have many views. So, without further ado, here are 10 more tips for live streaming!

1. Audio is important. In our last blog post we discussed the importance of good audio quality. The bad part is a lot of people don’t use audio as a part of their streams. I would join a stream and hear absolutely nothing. There was no music playing or anyone talking. If you are going to stream, at least play music.

2. Talk constantly. People watch live streams more for the commentary than they do for the gameplay so you need to be talking constantly. If you are great at talking to yourself, like I am, then just do that. If not just talk about what you are doing and think out loud.

3. Make sure your game is set correctly. We always love logging into Twitch, browsing through RuneScape streamers, and see a bunch of people at the bottom of the list playing League of Legends or Hearthstone. If people are searching for RuneScape streamers they are usually looking for people streaming RuneScape. Make sure you have the game set to what you are actually playing. Finally, make sure you spell the game’s name correctly. For example; RuneScape is correct but just Runescape is not, Osu! is correct but just Osu is not. Game names can sometimes be confusing.

4. Make sure you title is about what you are doing. This seems pretty self explanatory but I still see a bunch of people with the title saying one thing and then in-game they are doing something completely different. Make sure to keep your titles updated with what you are doing.

5. Make your viewers feel special. If someone follows tell them they are super special awesome, the best, and that they are amazing. Do this pretty often but don’t over do it like I did in that last sentence.

If you follow these five new tips for livestreaming and all ten of the ones from my earlier blog post you should have no trouble getting viewers.

Thanks for reading!